Craps Tips for Winning Big

Players who are new to craps often find it intimidating and confusing. There are more than a dozen bets from which to choose, and the table itself looks a bit on the complicated side. A bit of bad luck can happen to anyone, not only to beginners who are about to start playing online casino games but also to players who have spent many years in the gambling world. The important thing is to learn as many tips as possible if you want to become successful. Here are some tips for making craps seem less complicated and more conquerable.

Understand the Odds

Craps revolves around throwing dice and predicting the outcome of those rolls. There are two six-sided dice used in the game, and players must remember that the odds of rolling some numbers are better than the odds of rolling others. For instance, there is only one way to roll a two--an Ace on each of the two dice. Conversely, there are several ways to roll an eight--two fours, a five and a three, a six and a two and so on. The house has adjusted the payouts for different outcomes based upon these probabilities, and players should remember that when they are making their predictions.

Stick with Odds Bets

Odds bets are always the best way for players to wager; they pay out even money but present the lowest house edge for the player. As an example, when a player chooses to place an odds bet alongside the Pass Line bet, the house edge is reduced to lower than 1%. On the same note, players should always avoid field bets. This is because the numbers that are thrown most often--five through eight--are the numbers that will cause a player to lose their wager.

The best way to win big at craps is to observe the players at the table, practice playing online, and avoid the bets that are risky. Craps is all about probabilities and luck, and players should use the probabilities to their advantage.