Is Card Counting an Effective Blackjack Strategy?

Card counting is one of the most controversial blackjack strategies ever devised. With an already favorable return rate of 99.5%, an effective card counter can alter that return to well over 100%. This means the casino loses money so a variety of precautions are in place to prevent card counting.

How Card Counting Works

In the past, individuals have used electronic devices that assist in card counting. With modern technology and security, this technique is out of the question, not to mention illegal. Individuals who have the skills to mentally count the cards and win at the blackjack table, however, are protected by law. By tracking the dealt cards as they play, these card counters can predict which hands he or she will win and which one will favor the dealer, and can bet accordingly.

Is Card Counting Effective?

Card counting as an effective blackjack strategy requires practice and a great deal of concentration, but there are individuals who can enjoy huge wins at the blackjack table because of their skills. Obviously, card counting is easiest when as few cards as possible are in play, so most casinos use multiple decks at their blackjack tables. The cards are placed into a shoe and automatically shuffled frequently to make card counting almost impossible.

Other Ways Casinos Prevent Card Counting

There are still skilled card counters who can successfully predict what cards will be played. These players can cost casinos tremendously. A computer program is constantly monitoring the betting patterns and details of every blackjack hand. It is also scanning the info it gathers for any suspicious activity that may resemble card counting. Casino employees will approach suspicious players in an attempt to distract them and foil their card counting efforts.

Card counting is a very effective blackjack strategy. Casinos know this and will do everything they can to prevent card counters from successful wins.